QuakeHold! Furniture Strap

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This is the strongest, most versatile strap available and is easy to install. Peel and press one end to the furniture, screw the other end into the wall stud through grommet hole. Each kit contains two 15” nylon straps, enough for one large item of furniture. Straps won’t damage wood and hide from view. Available in various colors.

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Furniture straps are essential safety devices used to secure furniture and prevent tipping accidents. Strong enough for one large item of furniture, each kit contains two 15” nylon straps with 2 grommet holes on each. With proper installation, they can remain out of sight whilst significantly reducing the risk of injuries caused by toppling furniture, especially in households with young children or in areas prone to earthquakes. They come in different colors to match your furniture such as black, antique brown, beige, oak, and white.

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